28 July, 2014

TortoiseSVN no icon/shell overlay in windows

After updating or installing TortoiseSVN icons can get lost, it turns out that other shell overlay app's like DropBox or OneDrive can mess up the priority of the shell overlay handling in explorer, see Fixing the missing icons in TortoiseSVN for a fix/solution.

To avoid rebooting after modifying the registry database use the following approach :
"Press CTRL + ALT + DELETE, to bring up the Windows task list. Highlight 'Explorer' and click on 'End Task', if the Shutdown screen is shown, click 'Cancel'. After a few seconds an error message will popup, click on 'End Task' and the Windows explorer will be reloaded along with any new registry settings.
For Windows NT or 2000, press Ctrl + Alt + Delete and select "Task Manager". Choose the "Processes" tab and locate the "explorer.exe" process, highlight it and click "End Process". Select 'File -> New Task', then enter 'explorer' and click OK."

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