09 July, 2012

Fix : Sorting thousands of nodes in Umbraco

When drilling down into the Umbraco source code I found out that for each node in the sorting level, Umbraco uses .NET's XmlDocument.Clone() method for the entire contentxml cache file. This has a HUGH performance overhead and will cause the server to grind to a halt at some point, either when the number of nodes sorted or number of total nodes gets very high.

We have both :-(
300+ nodes needs sorting, and a total of 45000+ nodes in our umbraco install.

So I created a patch and sumbitted it to Umbraco see more here: http://umbraco.codeplex.com/workitem/30895

#### December 20 - 2012 Update ####
Since umbraco has shutdown/removed the workitems from codeplex, without any redirects or references to the new site, I have uploaded the patch here: download patch